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Many people are concerned about the prospect of competing with AI for their jobs, but that’s probably not what they expected. The FBI has warned of a spike in cases of “deepfakes” and stolen personal information being used to apply for jobs in the US – including fake video interviews. Don’t dust off the Voight-Kampff test just yet, though.

The move to remote work is great news for many people, but like any other change in methods and expectations, it’s also a new playground for scammers. Safety standards are being updated, recruiters are adapting and of course the job market is wild enough that hiring companies and applicants are trying to move faster than ever.

Amid these ongoing changes, today’s FBI public release warns that deepfakes are once again being used for nefarious purposes — in this case, to mimic people whose identities have been stolen to apply for jobs:

Complaints report the use of…

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