If your organization received an email on Saturday morning allegedly the FBI informing you that your organization was the victim of an elaborate cyber attack, you can be sure that it was a fake and the result of a hack of the Infrastructure of the authority.

According to security researchers and the FBI, a threat actor temporarily gained access to the federal IT infrastructure in order to send e-mails to at least 100,000 people. The fake emails hold a legitimate security researcher responsible for the fake attack.

The emails came from a legitimate @ ic.fbi.gov FBI email account, but the agency said in a statement that the FBI-operated server was not part of the office’s corporate email service, so that there is no access or no compromise of information on the FBI’s network.

According to the FBI, a software misconfiguration gave a threat actor temporary access to the corporate law enforcement portal through which he communicates with state and local law enforcement partners.

The FBI …

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