The FBI appears to have been used as a pawn in a battle between hackers and security researchers. Corresponding Beeping computer, the FBI confirmed that intruders compromised its email servers today (Nov. 13) to send fake messages claiming recipients were vulnerable to a data breach. The emails attempted to pin down the nonexistent attacks on Vinny Troia, the leader of dark web security firms NightLion and Shadowbyte.

The non-profit secret service organization Spamhaus quickly Donate light to the fake news. The attackers used legitimate FBI systems to carry out the attack using, among other things, email addresses extracted from a database for the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). Over 100,000 addresses received the forged emails in at least two waves.

The FBI described the hack as an “ongoing situation” and initially had no further details to provide. It asked email recipients to report messages like this to the office’s Internet Crime Complaint Center …

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