The FBI or the Federal Bureau of Investigation were recently compromised in a dark web feud between hackers. The hackers allegedly hacked into FBI email servers to send messages to a dark web security researcher. This was something that was unexpected to any of us, but it turned out that the FBI’s security enhancements need to be updated and they weren’t as good as they claimed.

There are hackers hiding on the dark web and there are security research companies that target these hackers in order to bring them down. This time around, the rivalry became public when the hackers hacked into the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has confirmed the violation, according to a report by Bleeping Computer and Engadget. The FBI told reporters that their systems were compromised early November 13th to send fake messages to Vinny Troia, the leader of dark web security research firms Shadowbyte and NightLion.

Well, as mentioned in a report from Engadget …

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