In determination, the legendary rocket launcher Gjallarhorn was the ultimate weapon for a while. Its ability to create explosions filled with more explosions was unprecedented – and, some would argue, badly needed a nerf. Amusingly, Bungie and toy maker Hasbro are now taking this role literally: The Gjallarhorn is now set to become an official Nerf blaster, complete with its own Wolfpack Round-like scatter missiles.

The in-game version that just returned to Destiny 2.
Image: Bungie

Fate 2 just got the digital Gjallarhorn this week as part of. brought back the $ 24.99 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack, and you have to pay a lot more for the Nerf version of course – $ 160, which makes it one of the most expensive Nerf blasters ever. Plus, people who unlock the Gjallarhorn in-game will get dibs for the limited Nerf version, so you can expect to pay well over $ 200 for the pack, taxes, and / or shipping.

But after Bungie’s Official Gjallarhorn Blaster Store Page, You get something unique in return, and I’m not just talking about the physical build of the blaster. Bungie claims Hasbro developed a “first mega-clam of its kind” that “shoots 3 arrows from a grenade at once,” which gives the impression that they are trying to replicate the explosion-on-explosion effect for the the Gjallarhorn is known.

You will receive an illuminated riflescope that runs on two AA batteries.
Image: Hasbro

That honestly sounds tricky – especially when Bungie also promises that, like the game, it will have a shutter loading mechanism where you’d cram a missile canister right into the back of its top bulge (instead of the front of the tube, for example). You will receive three of the new mega bowls and nine darts.

It’s not at all clear how the Nerf Gjallarhorn could load these grenades into the chamber, or what kind of mechanism could provide enough power to fire them from any distance, or how the missile could split into three arrows, or where those arrows go when felt could go impressive and stay in Hasbros strict security rules. It’s a big job and there are no guarantees. (The great looking one Mandalorians Nerf Blaster finally came out this year and was panned all around by reviewers. although we definitely see that coming.) We’ve been trying to get answers from Hasbro and Bungie all day.

Anyway, it looks like a great prop, much like the new Nerf Halo Needler and the Aliens pulse rifle they are also on the way. The Gjallarhorn could be a long way off, however – even pre-orders for this one won’t start until the end of 2022.

Digitally, the Gjallarhorn is not the only fascinating return weapon from Bungie history; Fate 2 also adds the Forerunner, a stylized version of the gloriole‘s famous magnum pistol. In particular the M6H2.

Image: Bungie

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