Mike Verdu, VP of VR / AR Content at Facebook, is leaving the company and starting a new position at Netflix, where he works on game development.

Verdu joined Facebook Reality Labs in 2019, at a time when several changes were being made to the managerial line-up for the VR and AR departments. Previously, Verdu worked as a senior VP in the mobile division of Electronic Art and other companies such as Zynga, EA Los Angeles and Atari. He was the product manager for games such as Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.

While at Facebook, he oversaw games and applications on the company’s VR / AR platforms and sometimes gave updates on studio purchases, content sales performance, and more. We saw Verdu on stage many times and more recently at Facebook’s Connect VR developer conferences where he announced new games and release offers.

The news of Verdu’s departure from Facebook to switch to Netflix comes at an interesting time. According to Bloomberg, Netflix is ​​planning to expand into the video game market and Verdu has been hired to take on the challenge. His new role at Netflix will be Vice President of Game Development.

Earlier this week, Netflix announced it expands its content partnership with the production company of prolific producer Shonda Rhimesmes “To produce, stream and distribute exclusively feature films as well as potential gaming and virtual reality content”. Given the mention of potential game and virtual reality content in the Rhimes partnership, Verdu is a good candidate for Netflix to cover these two bases if they so choose.

UploadVR reached out to Facebook for information on who could replace Verdu as VP of VR / AR Content, but Facebook declined to comment.

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