Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB), which has been renamed to Meta Platforms Inc, recently showed “haptic gloves” and a Californian startup, HaptXthat says the Mark Zuckerberg-Managed companies appear to be “essentially the same” with their patented technology.

What happened: HaptX founder and CEO Jake Rubin released a statement saying that his company has hosted many meta-engineers, researchers and executives over the years and has demonstrated their “breakthrough haptic technology”.

Rubin noted that Meta released the prototype microfluidic haptic feedback glove and said that the core components of this wearable, such as the silicon-based microfluidic tactile feedback laminate and pneumatic control architecture, appeared to be similar to its own patented technology.

The executive said they hadn’t heard from Meta. “We look forward to working with you to reach a fair and equitable agreement that addresses our concerns and enables them to incorporate our innovative technology into their future consumer products.”

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Why it matters: Last month, Facebook Renamed to Meta. announced, said his vision was to bring Metaverse to life.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg sent a video on his Facebook feed showing the gloves. The video showed him interacting with a pile of jenga blocks, rolling dice, and playing chess.

Facebook said in a statement Tuesday that it is building the world’s first high-speed microfluidic processor – a chip on the glove that controls the flow of air that moves actuators.

The social media giant said haptic gloves contain hundreds of actuators – tiny motors that move so that the wearer feels like they are touching a virtual object.

These actuators have physical limitations in that they generate heat and are not comfortable to wear. Therefore, the Facebook team dealt with the emerging fields of soft robotics and microfluidics.

Oculus VR scientist from Facebook Andrew Stanley said in the blog post that what sets his work on microfluidics apart from others is their emphasis on “making things very easy, portable and quick”.

In September it was reported that Facebook build a chip to promote machine learning and also work on another chip to improve video transcoding quality.

Price action: On Wednesday, Meta Platforms stock closed nearly 0.6% lower at $ 340.77 in its regular session.
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