Facebook shares plans on how to offer users more of what they want to see in their news feeds.

The upcoming changes to the newsfeed ranking focus on four feedback-driven signals.

Over the next few months, Facebook users will be asked to provide feedback in a variety of ways

This feedback-gathering process is an extension of something the company started in 2019 called “worth your time” surveys.

The surveys only asked whether users think that a single post is worth their time.

If a user answered “yes”, Facebook would try to make that content more prominent in its news feed. If they said “no” this type of content would appear below.


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Facebook builds on these surveys and asks new questions. Learn more about the company’s different approaches to getting feedback here.

4 feedback-controlled signals

Is this post inspiring?

Users want to see more inspiring and uplifting content in their news feeds. Facebook will run a series of tests to ask people what posts they find inspiring.


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Facebook will include user responses in its newsfeed ranking as a signal to show people more inspirational posts closer to the top of their newsfeed.

Is this post interesting?

Facebook wants to show users more posts on topics they are interested in. To achieve this, users are asked if they want to see more or fewer posts on a particular topic.

The feedback is used to rate content in users’ newsfeeds, with topics that interest them appearing closer to the top.

Would you like to see less of these posts?

Facebook takes a different approach to figuring out which types of posts users are less likely to see. This is planned, among other things, by looking at engagement signals.

For example, if a post gets a lot of angry reactions, Facebook might add a poll asking users what types of content they don’t like to see on their news feed.

Would you like to hide this post?

Users have long been able to hide individual posts in their newsfeed, but it’s not immediately clear how to do that.

Facebook will begin testing a new post design that will highlight the option to hide posts.

When users come across a post they no longer want to see, tap the X in the top right corner as shown below.

Facebook shares 4 ways to improve newsfeed ranking

Existing ranking signals are still important

These four new feedback-driven signals are used in conjunction with the thousands of existing signals Facebook uses to rate posts in users’ newsfeeds.


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Facebook attaches great importance to engagement signals when ranking posts that contain likes, shares, comments and reactions.

The company states that in addition to the engagement signals, the feedback it collects provides a more complete picture of what users are trying to see:

“While the engagement of a post – or how often people like it, comment on it, or share it – can be a helpful indicator of whether it is interesting to people, this poll-driven approach, which is largely outside of the immediate response to a post, gives an indication a more complete picture of the types of posts people find most valuable and what type of content is affecting their newsfeed experience. “


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