Signal says it was only trying to create ads showing Instagram users what data they are using to target ads to them.

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Facebook turned down ads that Signal wanted to buy on Instagram to highlight the types of data it collects from users, the encrypted messaging service said in a blog post on Tuesday.

In a blog post entitled You will not be shown the Instagram ads on FacebookSignal said it created a “multi-variant ad” that “shows you the personal information that Facebook collects about you and that you sell access to.”

The proposed ads would have informed Instagram users that “You received this ad because you’re a K-pop-loving chemical engineer. This ad used your location to see that you were in Berlin. And you have one new baby. And you just moved. And you’ve really been feeling those pregnancy exercises lately, “according to the screenshots shared by Signal.

“The ad simply displays some of the information gathered about the viewer the advertising platform is using. Facebook wasn’t interested in this idea,” wrote Signal, sharing another screenshot showing that its Instagram ad account was disabled .

“It seems enough to be transparent about how ads use people’s data to get blocked. In the world of Facebook, the only acceptable use is to hide your activity from your audience,” the company wrote in its Contribution.

Facebook uses users’ personal information to target ads precisely to its users – a company that provided nearly all of $ 85.9 billion last year. However, Facebook’s data collection practices were modified after a Controversy with Cambridge Analytica, a digital consultancy with ties to Trump’s presidential campaign that has improperly received data on up to 87 million Facebook users without their permission.

Facebook didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, instead dismissing the episode as a “stunt” by Signal in a statement to The Information.

“This is a stunt by Signal who never tried to actually run these ads – and we didn’t close their ad account because we tried,” Facebook told the news agency.

Signal that uses end-to-end encryption a story of struggle Any entity that asks for user data. It was one of several encrypted messaging apps that saw it a massive surge in new users in January after Tech mogul Elon Musk urged his audience to ditch WhatsApp owned by Facebook because of changes to the privacy policy that allowed them to see communications between users and businesses within the app for marketing or Facebook advertising.

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