If you recently downloaded Apple iOS 14.5 Update, you’ve probably already seen the prompts asking you to enable or disable app tracking. In particular, you must agree whether information that has been collected about you by one app or website can be shared with another.

The update is called App tracking transparencyand Facebook isn’t very happy about it. In response to Apple’s update, the social media giant is now displaying its own prompt – or what it calls an “education screen” all in one blog entry – Before iOS 14.5 users make their app tracking decision.

Facebook shared an image of the prompt and the notice said that by taking advantage of sharing your activity from other apps and websites, Facebook can do the following: “Show more personalized ads and keep Facebook free [and] Assisting businesses that rely on ads to reach their customers. “

(Photo credit: Facebook)

The picture also shows that an almost identical prompt appears on Instagram owned by Facebook.

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