It was an interesting day in the world of technology. On the one hand, Facebook launched the Bars app. On the other hand, Samsung released the March security patch for its smartphones. In addition, pre-orders for the Xbox Series S on Amazon and Flipkart were returned.

So, here’s what happened in tech today:

Facebook launches BARS

Facebook today launched a new app called Bars that offers rapper beats to create and share their raps. Facebook’s Bars app was launched in the US on the App Store, but is currently in closed beta.

Pre-orders for the Xbox Series S will be returned on Amazon, Flipkart

The pre-orders for the Xbox Series S are back on Amazon and Flipkart. While orders on Amazon are expected to ship by March 9th, Flipkart has not given a shipping date.

Samsung is releasing the March security patch worldwide

Samsung has started rolling out the March security patch for its Galaxy devices worldwide. According to reports, the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy A8 (2018) have …


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