Facebook explained in a note to advertisers how Apple’s app tracking transparency feature works iOS 14.5 will limit the availability of ad targeting tools and metrics, and potentially affect audience engagement.

The memo received from insider On Wednesday, Outline Important information for advertisers who rely on Facebook’s extensive social networking platform for dissemination.

Together with general information on the Start of ATT in iOS 14.5, including the integration of Apple’s privacy-oriented SKAdNetworkFacebook notes that the new prompt will change the way reports are processed both on the web and in the company’s apps. From the memo:

  • 1-day click-through opt-out data is modeled.
  • 7-day click-through and 1-day view-through attribution settings no longer include disabled iOS 14.5 events.
  • Measures and demographic breakdowns are no longer taken into account for offsite events.
  • The default attribution setting will be changed to 7 days click time for newly created ad sets and web event campaigns.
  • 28-day click-through, 7-day view-through, and 28-day view-through attribution settings along with the Windows comparison feature will become completely obsolete.

Furthermore, the attribution method shifts from the impression time to the conversion time. Due to Facebook’s aggregate event measurement rollout period, not all advertisers will face restrictions this week. The company estimates the tool will be generally available in two weeks.

Facebook anticipates that the introduction of iOS 14.5 will result in fluctuations in the delivery and reporting of advertising campaigns, as well as a possible decline in the target audience that can be addressed.

“As more users upgrade to iOS 14.5, disabled users are automatically excluded from certain audiences, which can lead to a reduction in audience size,” says Facebook.

This is of course by design. ATT was created to limit ad targeting by restricting app access to users’ identification for advertisers (IDFA) tags. With the new feature enabled, developers will need to ask permission to track users across apps and the web by displaying a prompt the first time the app is set up.

Many users are expected to opt for more data protection and advertising companies to stay on the lookout for new targeting technologies. Apple offers SKAdNetwork and Privacy Click Measurement as options that do not require user authorization as they do not track user data.

On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg warned investors during the company’s quarterly earnings conference call that the aftermath of ATT could occur in the US second half of 2021. After months of deciphering Apple’s decision to implement ATT, Zuckerberg recently said the feature could benefit from it his company when it pushes more traffic towards Facebook platforms.

During Apple’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Tim cook The initial feedback from users about the new feature was “enormously, “but didn’t have an exact number of people using the feature to turn off tracking.”

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