Facebook brings three new features to Messenger

Facebook is bring out another set of new features and improvements to delivery boy. The highlight of the latest update is the new quick reply bar that Facebook added to the Messenger media viewer, as well as the QR codes and payment links features.

The new quick reply bar will make conversations a lot easier, since Messenger users No need to go back to their main chat thread to add a photo or video. With the new feature, all you have to do is tap on the photo or video and send a reply using the quick reply bar at the bottom of the display.

The new QR codes and payment links are only available in the US and are aimed at users who want to send or request money using Facebook Pay, even if they are not connected to Facebook. Every user can now find their personal QR code and payment link in the messenger settings under “Facebook payment. ”These can be shared to send or request money.

Last but not least, Facebook adds some new chat topics, such as Olivia Rodrigo, World Oceans Day, and F9. The new chat topics are now available in Messenger and. available Instagramso go to your chat settings and tap “theme“And select the one you want.

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