Amazon Web Services (AWS), an,, and Formula One are unveiling six new F1 Insights, powered by AWS and rolling out in the 2021 racing season. With the new additions, fans will have a total of 18 AWS statistics available to them by the end of the season. AWS F1 Insights are real-time racing statistics displayed as on-screen graphics that transform the fan experience before, during, and after each race by providing the data and analytics fans need to interpret the strategy and performance of driver and team races. The first new statistic, Braking Performance, will be presented at the Italian Grand Prix from April 16-18. The new stats for 2021 will use a number of AWS technologies, including machine learning, to help fans better understand and highlight potential race results, and to compare their favorite drivers and cars.
F1 racing is a data-driven sport where most of the thrill for fans is thinking about statistics before and after a race in order to …

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