Extensive VPN market research shows that almost half of users turn to VPN to…


Multiple Scenarios Facilitate VPN Compatibility with Trending Applications Received overwhelming recognition in Indonesian

JAKARTA, INDONESIA Media OutReachJune 13, 2022 – Vast VPN’s research department (“the Product”) is pleased to announce the results of its self-administered market opinion survey of VPN usage scenarios. Data suggests that around 47% of users primarily seek help from VPNs to protect their privacy when visiting websites anonymously and to prevent their online behavior from being tracked and monitored by spyware thanks to their anti- Malware and ad blocking features. Around 37% of users find Vast VPN exceptionally helpful in speeding up their networks while playing video games or watching streaming content. The third-ranked case, accounting for 26%, is safely viewing some websites with explicit content or threads between different internet exclusion zones, with personal IP address protected. Statistics show how…

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