In terms of cost, Shurfshark is almost half the price of ExpressVPN at $ 59.76 per year, compared to $ 99.95. Shurfshark also has a competitive edge by allowing users to connect to an unlimited number of devices, while ExpressVPN is limited to five.

Both VPNs have roughly the same number of servers, with ExpressVPN over 3,000 and Surfshark over 3,200. However, ExpressVPN has more than twice as many server locations at 160 as Shurfshark’s 60+. You can find out more about Surfshark’s server locations on theirs website. ExpressVPN also lists its server locations on-line This is how you can judge whether they match the countries you want to connect to your VPN.

None of the VPNs offer a dedicated IP (DIP) that allows you to access IP-restricted networks while maintaining your anonymity. If you’re interested in a DIP, consider another option from our list Top 10 VPNs of 2021.

Both VPNs come with …

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