Until this week, it would have been easy to delve into the fiction that the growth in public cloud spending is slowing. If you look at the different cloud providers, you will find that they are reporting lower growth rates every quarter Jordan Novet captured in a chart. However, for the quarter, each of the major clouds increased or remained roughly constant as they grew.

This won’t stop anytime soon as new Accenture report shows. The Covid era may be one we can’t wait to come by and forget, but it has given tremendous impetus to digital transformation projects planned but never carried out. Still, the question remains how quickly we can get into the future.

A law of large numbers

I wrote that before The move to cloud computing will take time. Yes, we have hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue on the shift as measured by Gartner and IDC, but total IT spend exceeds $ 4 trillion. Granted, a lot of …

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