Ex-Amazon worker convicted of hacking Massive Capital One


Maya Miller / The Seattle Times

A former Amazon engineer was convicted on Friday of federal charges over a 2019 hack that compromised the accounts of 100 million credit card users.

A Seattle jury found Paige Thompson guilty of seven counts of computer and wire fraud. The verdict, announced Friday afternoon, comes after eight days of testimony and one day of deliberations.

Thompson, 36, was responsible for one of the largest data breaches in US history, downloading data from more than 100 million Capital One customers in 2019. The data included about 120,000 social security numbers and about 77,000 bank account numbers.

To get this data, Thompson, who worked as a systems engineer for Amazon Web Services but left the company years before the hack, looked for AWS clients with misconfigured firewalls. She then exploited that weakness to pose as an authorized user, the government argued.

Because Capital One is…

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