A former Amazon manager says the company doesn’t take customer privacy seriously enough. “It was put together with duct tape and chewing gum,” says former chief information security officer Gary Gagnon in a new report published today by. has been published Wired and the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Betray. Your research documents show Amazon’s mission to track and analyze every move we as consumers make – “What you’re looking for, what you’re buying, what shows you see, what pills you take, what you say to Alexa, and who is up front.” Your front door is standing “- has developed into a kind of Achilles’ heel for data security.

Gagnon says when he started in 2017, protecting customer data was almost an afterthought. “It was shocking to me,” he says Wired and Betray. New consumer product launches were cloaked in “top secrecy”, yet employees were given a surprising amount of access to virtually everything else, including customer information, with no controls to prevent abuse. In…

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