Despite all the talk about cloud repatriation and the exorbitant cost of cloud computing, the momentum of customer spending in the post-isolation economy continues to grow.

If the pandemic was good for the cloud, it appears that the benefits of cloud migration will linger in the late stages of COVID-19. And we believe this stickiness will last.

We expect Infrastructure-as-a-Service revenue for the Big 4 Hyperscalers to exceed $ 115 billion in 2021. In addition, the strength of Amazon Web Services Inc. in particular, but also of Microsoft Azure, remains remarkable. Such large organizations with increased spending dynamics, as in the Enterprise Technology Research survey data, is perhaps unprecedented in the technology sector.

In this Breaking Analysis, we’ll be releasing some new survey data from July that suggests increasing momentum among the largest cloud computing companies. It is important that this dynamic is not only broadly based, but is also noticeable in important strategic sectors, namely …


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