Eureka raises $ 8 million for its data cloud security platform – TechCrunch


Eureka, a Tel Aviv-based startup providing companies with tools to manage security risks across their various data stores, announced today that it has raised an $ 8 million seed round led by YL Ventures.

The company was founded by Liat Hayun (CEO), a former VP of Product Management at Palo Alto Networks, and Asaf Weiss (CTO), who was previously Director of Engineering at Microsoft and Palo Alto Networks. While at these companies, they recognized the need for better cloud data security and management tools as companies accumulated more data that was distributed across a wider range of clouds and services.

“Data is a valuable asset to help companies run and compete. However, it has evolved well beyond the feasible control and management of corporate safety leaders, exposing it and putting it at risk of leakage and loss, as well as destruction and exfiltration by bad actors, ”said Hayun.

Many companies are only now realizing the extent of this problem …


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