If you don’t want your security camera to do anything, show your video feed or show recorded video to a complete stranger.

However, this is exactly what happens to some Eufy security camera owners. Numerous customers have reported on Reddit and Twitter that their Eufy app has suddenly given them access to a complete stranger’s video cameras instead of their own video feeds.

9to5Mac reported the issue first and was able to independently verify the issue. One of the site’s writers said he could “see all the details, footage, live (edited). It was like logged in as a person.”

Users say the same thing on Reddit. “I checked my app (from New Zealand) today and found none of the videos were mine,” said user MeChum87 this morning. “I can also see their contact details (…) I have 3 young children, I am very concerned that others will also be looking at my cameras.”

I use Eufy cameras at my home but was able to …

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