Eva-Maria Liimets, Estonian Foreign Minister since January 2021. Women also hold the posts of President and Prime Minister of the country, a rarity in the world these days. RENEE ALTROV / ESTONIAN GOVERNMENT OFFICE

The small Baltic country of Estonia stands ready to improve its prospects for winning a second term for United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres as the country holds his final presidency on the Security Council in June during his current elected term.

“It will be very nice for us to do this,” Sven Jurgenson, Estonia’s ambassador to the United Nations, told PassBlue, adding, “and for me personally, because Estonia joined Costa Rica in the last elections five years ago had a head start. ” The act [Accountability, Coherence and Transparency] Group on the selection process for the Secretary-General. “In 2016, Guterres, former Portuguese Prime Minister and head of the UN Refugee Agency for 10 years, was elected Supreme Leader of the UN for the 2017-2021 term.

Jürgenson added that …

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