Microsoft adds DataSense platform to Azure, with focus on education

IoT services provider Eseye has tied up with MTN South Africa and the AnyNet Federation, a new association of MNOs established specifically to meet the requirements of the global M2M IoT customer base. The AnyNet Federation will initially focus on supporting mobile services on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. It aims to simplify IoT services for AWS customers by delivering a single M2M system that can be deployed on any major world market.

Using Eseye’s eUICC-compliant AnyNet Secure for AWS SIM card, members of AnyNet Federation obtain “out of the box” connectivity that integrates with the AWS IoT Core and is globally scalable. Mobile traffic destined for AWS is passed between different AnyNet Federation partners according to the geographic location of IoT devices that are automatically served and certified over the air. Regardless of which AnyNet Federation partner is delivering the data, the customer is billed through their account by AWS, and the MNO is paid for the services it delivers. 


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