Epic games offered a minimum guarantee of $ 200 million Sony for “4-6” PC Playstation Ports.

This is evident from a confidential PDF document that is included in the ongoing Epic.Apple Trial version reportedly briefly uploaded (and shared) to the case’s public server Resetera).

According to the document, at one point Epic Games was targeting all three console platform owners to find potential content deals for its Computer games Business.

The document states that Nintendo The conversations were essentially “a no-starter” as the conversations opened with Microsoft were complicated by the fact that it was essentially a competitor for content deals and that its PC Game Pass guide was “against” Epic’s strategy.

Epic Games offered Sony a $ 200 million deal for up to 6 PC PlayStation ports
Epic Games offered Sony a $ 200 million deal for up to 6 PC PlayStation ports.

On PlayStation, the document states that Epic has been waiting for feedback on its minimum warranty offer of $ 200 million for “4-6 games,” which Epic would win if those titles generate less revenue than this number.

Since Sony’s first PC port Horizon Zero Dawn, debuted on Steam – and it’s the next Days gone, also comes to Valve’s platform – The company may not have accepted Epic’s offer.

In a company report published last summer Sony initially said it would investigate bringing more PlayStation exclusives to the PCafter the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on the platform.

Then, earlier this year, SIE’s president confirmed PlayStation will bring “a whole range” of games to the PCstarting with a Days Gone port slated to be released this month.

Speak with GQYOU boss Jim Ryan The ability to make PlayStation’s IP addresses available to a wider audience, as well as a simpler ports process, meant it was now “a pretty easy decision” for the company to make more games for the PC.

When asked why SHE is now advocating for PC, Ryan said before hesitating about bringing his games to the platform, “I think a few things have changed.

“We are now in early 2021 with our development studios and the games making them in better shape than ever before. Especially from the second half of the PS4 With the bike, our studios have made some wonderful, great games.

Epic Games offered Sony a $ 200 million deal for up to 6 PC PlayStation ports

“There is an opportunity to bring these great games to a wider audience and see the economics of game development, which is not always easy. The cost of creating games increases with each cycle as the IP caliber has improved.

“We also made it easier for us to make it available to non-console owners. So it’s a pretty easy decision for us. “

PlayStation had A strong start with the first modern PC versionAccording to Nielsen’s, Horizon Zero Dawn sold 716,000 copies digitally in August SuperData.

According to another document released as part of the Epic Apple case, Epic Games spent nearly $ 12 million backing up games for its regular giveaways for free games during a nine month period.