Take this with a grain of salt, but eventually that Fourteen days The creator of Epic Games was apparently eager to add Sony, Microsoft, and even Nintendo’s first-party titles to its digital business – and for all we know, it might still be interested in getting it done some day.

According to another internal document from the current Epic v Apple lawsuitthat loud. was made publicly available for a short time PC player – Epic has at least estimated the likelihood of getting first-party games from the three major console makers in its store.

It seems that Sony has taken some serious steps – $ 200 million for “4-6 titles” – and has been waiting for a response. There was doubt that given the existence of “PC Game Pass” and the fact that Phil Spencer “occasionally” met with Valve’s Gabe Newell, the Xbox team would be just as interested.

What about Nintendo Judging by the notes, nothing had started with the Japanese company – but even Epic, based on Nintendo’s corporate history, in its own words thought it a pipe dream or a “moon shot” – and called it a “non-starter”.

Earlier this week, a separate internal document from Epic Games revealed that Epic had plans to do so Bring Samus from the Metroid series to Fortnite. Whenever we hear developments on this latest story, we will definitely update it.

How would you feel about first-party Nintendo games on a platform like the Epic Games Store? Could you ever see something like this? Share your thoughts below.

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