Enterprise HDInsight Monitoring with Operations Management Suite | Data Exposed

This week’s episode of Data Exposed Scott welcomes Ashish Thapliyal to the show. Ashish is a Senior PM on the HDInsight team and is in the studio today to discuss monitoring HDInsight for the enterprise with the Operations Management Suite.

Topics in today’s video:

[00:50]: Fundamental questions of monitoring and operating big data pipelines at scale

[03:28]: Azure Log Analytics

[05:27]: OMS Demo – The vision of monitoring – the bigger picture

[06:23]: How to Build HDInsight monitoring in Log Analytics (OMS) – 2 Step process

[09:10]: Demo –  Implementing monitoring on a cluster

[13:25]: Demo – Troubleshooting

[19:25]: Demo – Alerting

[21:55]: HDInsight Log Analytics Architecture & extending the architecture

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