There are options for continuous data backup in your VMware environments with products from Veeam, Zerto, Cohesity or Rubric. However, continuous data protection has some limitations at both the hypervisor and VM level, such as: B. Infrastructure incompatibility and resource problems. This makes critical VMs with a high volume of data changes per day the primary use case for continuous data protection.

CDP products use the VMware vSphere APIs for I / O Filtering (VAIO) framework to provide VM and workload protection and achieve recovery time objectives (RTOs) as short as a few seconds. CDP does not use snapshots of a hypervisor, which allows for a low RTO.

CDP at a glance

VMware relies on VAIOs for the CDP framework, which enables third party backup providers to develop filters that are installed and run on the ESXi hypervisor. These filters intercept all I / O requests from a guest operating system to a virtual hard disk. The filters will not pass the I / O requests to a …

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