Investing in clean energy technologies is vital to America’s economic vitality and security, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said at Axios’ virtual event Thursday.

Why it matters: Clean energy technology is a $ 23 trillion global market.

  • “We can be great stewards of our environment while keeping people in high-paying jobs,” noted Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, who also appeared at the event.

What you say: Both Granholm and Whitmer spoke of the importance of America being self-contained when it comes to clean energy technologies.

  • “We shouldn’t buy wind turbines from Denmark. We should build it here and stamp it Made in America. By the way, we could also export them, “said Granholm.
  • Making these products at home gives America an opportunity to “ensure our national security, economic security and energy security,” Granholm said.
  • “”[I]It is so important that we are ready to build the infrastructure to …


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