I’m a little new to these concepts, so don’t hesitate to correct me or ask for clarification. I am planning to get rid of some of my previous Macs (which are between nine and fifteen years old) and am in the process of copying all of the data to external hard drives so I can wipe the computers clean.

Instead of just having the data as files, I wonder if it is also possible to keep the entire software setup so that I can emulate or virtualize the old Mac on a modern Mac, boot and run on the old Mac OS X. can do everything as if I were actually on the old computer and launching 32-bit Intel applications that, for example, would not run on the latest macOS. This would allow me to look at my old information out of modern abandonware (as an example, I used the great school house application to keep track of all of my homework, but it is extinct and I doubt there is a way to get the data export … and even if there were …

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