Employment: These 5 tech jobs may be the highest paying this year


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New Delhi: As technology penetration is increasing, the demand for people in the technical sector is also going up steadily. Highly skilled engineers, especially in the Information Technology sector, are some of the highest paid professionals right now. As technology advances further, IT professionals will earn even more in the future.

Technology is a wide sector and innovations are entering every day. Going forwards IT sector is expected to generate about 2.4 lakh jobs in India itself. The demand worldwide will go up as well. Here are 5 tech jobs that might be the highest paying jobs this year.

1. Software engineer: Automation has become extremely popular in recent decades. Companies and business prefer reliable software over man force to ensure error-free work. From data entering to calculation and more, technology has become important for business worldwide and software engineers are some of the most sought-after professionals. Firms pay a hefty amount to software engineers to develop software which they require and going forward as automation and digital space expands, software engineers might be one of the highest paid people in the tech sector.

2. Cloud Architects: No, these people do not build actual clouds. Cloud architects are IT professionals who are responsible for managing cloud computing architecture of an organization. Their responsibilities include cloud adoption plans, cloud application design, and cloud management and monitoring etc. As cloud computing becomes more complex, the role of cloud architects becomes very significant. These professionals could be some of the highest paid people in the coming years.

3. AI Engineers: Artificial Intelligence is developing. From humanoid Sophia to other significant developments, AI has expanded a lot over the past decade. AI engineers are programmers that develop operating system, software which can be used to operate robots etc. Artificial engineers need to have knowledge of Python, Linear Algebra and Different Calculus, Programming, app development, software development and more. It might be one of the highest paid jobs this year.

4. Cybersecurity Engineer: With data being an important asset and tool in the coming years, data protection will also be a major area when it comes to job creation. Cybersecurity engineers especially are expected to be one of the highest paid professionals this year. A cybersecurity engineer’s primary task is to protect the computer systems and networks of an organization from threats and attacks in order to ensure that the data is protected and secure. It is a highly technical role and is expected to pay a handsome salary in future. 

5. Data Scientists: Going forward data will be an important asset as automation will increase. Data scientists are those people who make the job of data analysts a little easy. They develop tools, software which help analysts process massive data sets without any error. A lot of surveys and studies recently show that data scientists are one of the most sought after and highly paid professionals. The job requires a lot of technical as well as practical knowledge and a skilled professional can expect a good salary.


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