Parts of war-torn Ukraine that have little or no internet service have found an alternative: emergency Starlink receivers.

The SpaceX-powered satellite internet service that CEO Elon Musk touted at the start of the war has become a lifeline for many areas of the country, with over 10,000 Dish antennas operational and more on the way.

“This is not an ideal internet,” said Dmytro Zinchuk, head of network operations at internet provider Freenet, which mainly serves the Kyiv area and western and northern Ukraine. “But even if there is no connection at all, Starlink is just a lifesaver for people who have been disconnected for many weeks.”

He said his company has so far incorporated five government-donated Starlink terminals into his mad dash to get as many customers online as possible in areas hit by heavy Russian bombardment. This can mean connecting hundreds of people to a terminal intended for a single household.

Starlink Satellite Internet Systems Arrive…

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