Eliminate your digital vulnerabilities with this VPN and firewall hardware.


When it comes to protecting your online identity and those close to you, there is no security or due diligence. Hackers today have more tools and means to break through computer protections and steal valuable and vital information.

While the hackers’ efforts have been boosted by technological advancements, this has also been enhanced by software aimed at preventing them from doing so.

With the Decentralized mini VPN and firewall hardware from Deeper Connect, you have a fully functional device that offers some of the best protections when it comes to protecting identity and information online. For a limited time, you can buy it for $349.

This highly intelligent wearable device is your online solution against bad actors. With this VPN, you get lifetime protection. After your one-time purchase, you don’t have to worry about paying subscription fees.

This unique decentralized VPN integrates an enterprise-class 7-layer firewall that protects all your…

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