Elgato Stream Deck

picture: Elgato

Awww people. Oh no.

Much of the introduction / announcement a new product comes at the right time. You want to attract everyone’s attention! Marketing teams and sales reps work around the clock to make sure that new products and services don’t hit the market alongside the competition and have nothing else on the calendar to steal their spotlight. That’s why companies always scan the watch to get the Perfect Time to get their new thing out on the market so they can maximize potential awareness and sales.

So today I just want to put my arm around Elgato to choose July 15th to release a new one Stream Deck, on the same day, all headlines were made from the startling reveal of Valves Steam deck, something that sounded almost identical but also a lot cooler and made so much headline today.

The Steam Deck is a portable PC, but you already knew that. Elgato’s Stream Deck MK.2 isn’t exactly the first Stream Deck product, but it’s the newest, and supposedly the best in a lineup of devices that streamers can use to streamline their actions and assign complex tasks (like turning on a light and adjusting the microphone volume at the same time) to a single button.

If you’re not streaming or can’t imagine why you need this, here’s how it works:

It is not a competitor to the Steam Deck, and as a new product in a successful line there is no danger of harm in the long run through the release of Valve. i just find it too hilarious that a company can plan a new product announcement and then be caught off guard by something that sounds like so similar on the exactly the same day.

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of, everyone at Elgato who had to deal with this launch today, I feel for you.

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