I am one of countless people who are foolishly faithful chrome.

Despite the terrible rendering of the browser for privacyMemory hogging, battery drain and roll in Google’s Monopoly I can’t stop it We’ve had too many good times together – and the old bastard is still pretty.

However, our relationship could soon face a new threat. Corresponding a page on the Microsoft website that was discovered by Neowinthe software giant has developed a built-in VPN for the Edge browser.

The service remains a preview feature for now, but could be available in an upcoming version of Edge.

The VPN, dubbed “Microsoft Edge Secure Network,” is powered by Cloudflare. The company promises to delete the collected diagnostic and support data every 25 hours.

According to Microsoft, the feature encrypts your connection, preventing online tracking and keeping your location private. But perhaps the most attractive feature is that the service is free to use.


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