Edge Computing vs. Cloud Computing

It is a fact that cloud computing has become a daunting thing these days. It had to make its way among big companies to get to the top. Many large and small companies are now using cloud computing.

They used it because it gave them access to cloud storage over the internet. They would store their company data, employee data and all confidential data in this cloud storage. – It was safe and easy to use.

It wasn’t late untilIl Another concept emerged, and so edge computing was introduced. The idea was pretty similar to cloud computing, but there was one big difference – the centralization.

Edge computing would provide a cloud-based mechanism instead of moving the computing to a cloud server. This brings the cloud server closer to the end user.

What use will we get? – More speed, less latency and a whole new door to digital possibilities.

This article shows cloud and edge computing, …

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