Valve’s recently announced handheld PC, the Switch-like Steam Deckis not out yet. But people can pre-register to buy it at a later date, and some scalpers are already trying to flip those registrations for hundreds of dollars.

The Steam deck was revealed on July 15th, and yesterday Valve opened the store so people can spend five dollars to register for the opportunity to buy one. The device enables users to play many of their existing Steam games on the go using the powerful hardware in the device. The base model starts at $ 400.

For the first hour or so on July 16 after Valve began accepting these pre-registrations, Things broke down and people encountered error messages and crashing servers. But at some point things calmed down and it became easy to pre-register for a Steam Deck.

Even when things calmed down, and with that $ 5 filing fee, it didn’t stop the resellers. that have flooded eBay in the past 24 hours or so with offers to buy Steam Decks at high prices, including some as high as $ 2,500.

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Many of these listings claim to be confirmed pre-sales or pre-orders, saying things like “CONFIRMED ORDER* PRESALE Preorder Ships In December.” Others promise that the Steam Deck will be shipping in December and that the order is locked in. However, to be clear, according to Valve none of this is true.

If we visit Valve’s FAQ page for the Steam Deck, You’ll see a number of useful answers about the Steam Deck hardware, release, purchase process, and more. You can find the most important answer in the middle of the page:

When can I order?

We aim to send out order invitations from December 2021. We will do our best to convert all reservations into orders, but we cannot guarantee availability.

This answer explains that these handheld PCs won’t ship in December 2021. Instead, Valve is aiming to send purchase invitations to people who have pre-registered this month. And while Valve claims to do whatever it takes to “convert all reservations into orders,” it doesn’t guarantee the “availability” of Steam Decks. To be clear, even if you deposit $ 5 when pre-registration went online on July 16, Valve cannot 100% guarantee that you will receive your device by the end of the year, or even when you get it to everyone.

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Compare this information with the vast majority of eBay resellers who claim otherwise. It is strange that all of this is still available on the website as they appear to be entries with potentially fraudulent claims.

Kotaku has reached out to eBay regarding these Steam Deck listings and whether they will remain on the site.

While I understand that many of you out there might be feeling FOMO after not jumping into the frenzy of pre-registration yesterday, I’d refrain from buying any of these eBay listings and Support these resellers. Instead go to Valve’s website and place your own order. While it can take you a long time to get one, it’s better use of your time and money.


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