Prosecutors said the Durham team is “still investigating closely” whether Rodney Joffe, a technical manager and leading cybersecurity expert, defrauded the US government by misusing internet data from government contracts to seek derogatory information about Trump and Russia search.

“We have not charged any crime to date … but we cannot say that no crime has been committed,” prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis told a judge Wednesday, adding that the statute of limitations on Joffe’s potential conduct has not expired and the probe is ongoing still.

Those comments — at a hearing about the upcoming trial of Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann — marked the first time Durham’s team publicly detailed its investigation into Joffe. This means prosecutors are considering new defendants and additional charges as part of their wide-ranging probe into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, now in its fourth year.

Joffe worked with Sussmann, the Clinton, on the Trump-Russia material…

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