The androids are among us. – Photo: © Digital Journal

Researchers analyzing Android apps have discovered serious misconfigurations in the cloud that, according to Information Security Buzz, could potentially compromise the data of over 100 million users.

In a report released Thursday by Check Point Research (CPR), the cybersecurity firm said no fewer than 23 popular mobile apps contained a variety of “misconfigurations of third-party cloud services.”

According to the CPR, the 23 Android apps examined – including a taxi app, a logo maker, a screen recorder, a fax service and astrology software – have data such as email recordings, chat messages, location information, user IDs, Lost passwords and pictures. In 13 cases, confidential data was publicly available in unsecured cloud setups. These apps each accounted for between 10,000 and 10 million downloads.

How this happened, ZDNet finds that too many apps are trying to integrate with real-time databases to …

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