Clouds. Over the centuries, clouds have indicated power and mystery. The Greek gods lived on Mount Olympus above the clouds. The heavenly kingdom has always been presented in the clouds above the earth. Thoughts of freedom are represented by birds soaring through the clouds.

When I travel, I am always fascinated by looking at the clouds while flying in an airplane. I find it fascinating that something so fine can look amazingly solid from above. Have you ever had the experience of sitting in the window seat and watching the plane sink into a bank of clouds? It’s like stepping into the ocean. As you gradually fall, you will see the clouds coming towards you. Small clouds of steam emerge from the surface like steam. As you continue your descent, it looks like you are landing on a snow-covered surface. The plane continues to fall and gradually, like the water rising in a bathtub, the cloud slowly engulfs the plane – – climb over your window …

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