Don’t ignore the clever NEW Google Maps update – it could save you money


YOUR next road trip could be a little cheaper thanks to an upcoming Google Maps update.

The tech giant will display toll prices in the navigation app for the first time.


For now, the new feature is only available in the US, India, Japan, and IndonesiaCredit: Alamy

This means you are more aware of how much your route will cost – and you can consider an alternative route that may be cheaper.

The move comes as motorists around the world feel the pinch at the pump.

British drivers have been warned about this Fuel prices could reach £2 per litre.

There have already been examples of some gas stations exceeding this staggering price.

You can find pictures of shipwrecks on Google Maps - including the Titanic

A stint in wealthy Chelsea was spotted Charger driver £2.38 for lead-free charging on Thursday.

Meanwhile petrol prices surpassed $5 a gallon in the US for the first time this week — though it’s still significantly lower than across the Atlantic.

“You’ll see the estimated toll price to your destination before you start navigating, thanks to trusted information from local toll authorities,” Google announced.

“We look at factors such as whether or not a toll card is in place, the day of the week and the likely tolls at the specific time you are going to cross them.

“In the settings you have the option to show toll prices with or without a toll pass – as in many regions the price changes depending on the payment method used.

“You still have the option to avoid routes that cross toll roads entirely, if possible, by selecting ‘avoid tolls’ in settings.”

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At the moment, the function will only be available for almost 2,000 toll roads per year US, India, Japan and Indonesia.

However, the company said it plans to add more countries soon.

Motorists are currently threatened with enormous prices at petrol stations


Motorists are currently threatened with enormous prices at petrol stations

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