Don’t expect slowdown after a record year for cybersecurity as multiple …


While this year has been unique in terms of cybersecurity – with more than $ 20 billion invested in the sector – 2022 could very well build on that momentum, according to many in the industry.

While this year has been propelled to new heights by multiple sectors such as cloud, API security, healthcare IT, and insurance, several of these trends should continue over the next year, and some newer ones that emerged in the second half of 2021.

What will whet investors’ appetites in the New Year? It’s always hard to tell, but these are subsectors and topics that seem aligned to elevate their status as venture dollars continue to flood the cybersecurity startup ecosystem:


There’s no denying that the crypto market exploded in 2021 and the insane venture dollars that have poured into that space. This has also contributed to the fact that the industry around securing the new foreign exchange market explodes.

At the end of November, Fireblocks from New York tried to …


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