Programmers, system administrators, security researchers, and technology hobbyists who copy and paste commands from web pages into a console or terminal are warned that they are at risk of compromising their system.

A technologist demonstrates a simple trick that will make you think twice before copying and pasting text from web pages.

Back door on your clipboard?

Recently, Gabriel Friedlander, founder of the security awareness training platform Wizer, demonstrated an obvious but surprising hack that makes you cautious when copying and pasting commands from web pages.

It’s not uncommon for beginners and experienced developers alike to copy frequently used commands from a webpage (ahem, StackOverflow) and paste them into their applications, a Windows command prompt, or a Linux terminal.

Friedlander warns, however, that a webpage could surreptitiously replace the contents of your clipboard, and what is actually copied to your clipboard would be vastly different from what you were trying to copy.

Worse still, without …

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