A security officer was charged with hacking into the Gwinnett Medical Center network on or about September 27, 2018 (PDF). According to the Department of Justice, Georgia-based Vikas Singla launched a cyber attack on the health care nonprofit network by vendors in part for commercial gain and personal financial gain. Singla was the chief operating officer of a network security company in Metro-Atlanta – the DOJ didn’t name the company, but the profile matches that of Securolytics – which served the healthcare industry. He (and his employees to be named) are said to have interrupted GMC’s telephone service, received information from a digitizing device and interrupted the network printer service during the attack.

While the DOJ did not delve into the details of the case, it was reported back in 2018 that GMC was investigating a potential data breach that resulted in patient information leaked online. The attackers also threatened GMC employees and shamed the provider …

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