If you’re reading this, you are either an affected parent or wondering if you can bypass parental controls on your PC or smartphone with a VPN. Do not worry; we won’t say it. What we’re going to say, however, is that the answer depends on what type of parental controls it is.

The right VPN can potentially bypass most of them, but other control systems can be more difficult to work with. Below we will cover various parental control methods and explain which ones you can bypass a VPN.

What types of parental controls are there?

There are many ways to control what a child sees or has access to online. Here are some of the most important:

  • Block access to websites
  • Filtering inappropriate content (from search engines, YouTube, etc.)
  • Using Keylogger to log their keystrokes for future inspections
  • Control of the time and duration of use and Internet access
  • Prevent third-party apps (such as games) from installing
  • Tracking social media, emails, and other communications …

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