DOD CIO makes MilCloud 2.0 migrations run faster

Legislators are concerned that delays in the Department of Defense’s plan to migrate legacy systems to cloud-based solutions could compromise national security.

At a House hearing on June 29, MP Stephanie Bice (R-Okla.) Discussed the pace of cloud migrations.

The slow migration of defense agencies and field service activities to MilCloud 2.0 is a “delayed realization of enhanced security that is paramount in light of the recent Colonial pipeline and SolarWinds cybersecurity attacks,” Bice said during a subcommittee on cyber, innovative technologies and information systems hearing DOD IT budget for 2022.

MilCloud 2.0 serves as a key component of DOD’s cloud strategy, providing commercial services and on-site tools for DOD networks. General Dynamics IT is the first address on the almost …


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