If you’re like Howard Stern’s Ronnie the Limo Driver and still wear an old BlackBerry, this one doesn’t stop the clock.

You need to find a new phone.

It’s bad news for all three of you – a quick estimate of how many people might still be using that old BlackBerry, including the star of the show – because, according to a CNN report, January 2022, the company will end support for its classic devices with BlackBerry 10, 7.1 OS and earlier.

This means that, according to CNN, these devices “will no longer be able to use data, send text messages, access the Internet or make calls, including the 911 emergency number.”

So, if you’re somehow still using any of these things, it’s time to find a new phone.

Actually, the time to find a new cell phone is long overdue. The move is another step closer to the end of the technology that made the hottest mobile phone on the market less than a decade ago.

For the few who just can’t give up on staying true to the brand, the CNN report said that a new BlackBerry

A new BlackBerry 5G device delayed from a scheduled release in 2021 is expected to hit the market at some point, according to a CNN report.

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