Compared to computers, smartphones have weak defenses and easy-to-crack passwords. You also have a lot of valuable data. Just think of everything on your phone.

Your business email may be linked, which means a savvy cybercriminal can steal your company’s secrets. There is also your contact list, which is filled with phone numbers and maybe even emails.

Bottom line: you need to protect your phone, preferably with a VPN, to act as a secure bridge between your phone and the internet. There is no better option than our sponsor. ExpressVPN, one of the best and most trusted companies in the industry.

Here’s how ExpressVPN can secure your phone

We’re constantly connecting to Wi-Fi networks that we don’t control, and an extra layer of protection is important. And when you are doing things like banking and shopping, it is absolutely essential. This is why you should add a VPN to your phone, preferably one that encrypts your data to make it harder to hack.

By installing …

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