Do you have an Amazon smart device? If so, chances are the company is already sharing your internet connection with your neighbors, unless you’ve specifically banned it.

On Tuesday, the company launched a program that will force users of many Echo smart speakers and ring security cameras to automatically share a small portion of their home wireless bandwidth with neighbors. The only way to stop it is to turn it off yourself.

Amazon says the program called Amazon Sidewalk is a way to make sure lights, smart locks, and other devices work outside of the home and out of range of a Wi-Fi connection.

However, some experts warn that the technology is so new that privacy and security risks remain unclear. And almost no one seems happy that Amazon forced consumers to Amazon Sidewalk – or that many people may not know that they can choose not to.

Has Amazon told its customers this is happening?

Amazon says it sent emails to customers last month and Sidewalk came out in November. The…

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