Jalal Bouhdada, CEO of Applied Risk, and Liv Hovem, CEO of DNV Accelerator. Image: DNV.

Assurance and risk management provider DNV is acquiring cybersecurity firm Applied Risk to build a security practice focused on protecting industrial assets from emerging cyber threats.

Based in the Netherlands, Applied Risk was founded in 2012 and has a portfolio of customers spanning sectors including energy, utilities, manufacturing and transportation.

Following the acquisition, the team will team up with DNV’s cybersecurity specialists, who work with governments and corporations to keep projects and operations safe.

Citing a study by cybersecurity firm Fortinet, DNV said 90% of companies in manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare and transportation had an attack on the computer systems that manage their industrial operations in 2020.

“Industrial assets such as wind farms, oil and gas infrastructure, ships, manufacturing facilities and …

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